Augmented Reality for Business

Augmented Reality elements can be added to any printed Business Card.

Responsive Business Card

Augmented  reality apps work with your own business card image that basically trigger the interaction with the user at the moment when the user points to the business card with the device (phone, tablet etc.) camera. Look through Aabhas AR app atyour business card and the very card becomes the trigger to show information to the user. There is so much that you can do with augmented reality from automatically showing addresses with interactive maps, to links for directly sending e-mails or phone calls, even an interactive portfolio or demo of your products/services. With this App your card becomes a tool for marketing. Your business card will be 100% responsive.

For more information about our Augmented Reality Business Card app Contact us.



Customised Responsive Business Card

Our solution is very versatile and all components (UI, content, animations) can be customised to satisfy your needs. We can implement complex scenarios with custom 3D animation and tailor-made 3D objects to display your content. Do not hesitate to Contact us if you need inspiration or if you need additional views (Geo localization, input form or VR compatiblity etc…).

Your Business Cards as a Marker

No need to make any changes to your existing Business Cards as most designs will be recognized using Aabhas’s technology. Your employees won’t have to update the printed version of their Business Cards which will facilitate the deployment of our solution.

Dynamic Content

Aabhas’s solution allows your company to display your tweets or Facebook posts in a very original and creative way. Our solution can adapt to all feed format (RSS, Atom, custom) which increases the number of information sources that can be displayed. App can also connect to your backend or API for more advanced features.

Augmented Reality Appeal

Augmented Reality view will generate additional traffic toward your online content. Thanks to the 3D environment that will be overlaid on top your Business Card there is no limit to the type of content and amount of content that can be displayed. You just need to think of Augmented Reality as a wide-open window to a new dimension!

This version of our app has an original UI design with three main views:

  1. An Augmented Reality view that can overlay any type of content (3D Animation, videos, images, tweets etc..) on top of the printed version of your Business Card.
  2. A contact view which can list all your contacts with a direct access to their email or phone number.
  3. A RSS feed view which can display the latest news from your company or any other feed you like.

    In the current implementation of the app, our last Tweets and last Facebook posts are displayed in an Augmented Reality view showing 3D speech bubbles flying around. Users can touch the bubbles on screen for a direct access to their contents. It's worth mentioning that almost every elements of the app can be customised: UI, 3D animation, 3D objects etc. Contact us and get a unique and original app for your company.

    Augmented Reality Business cards is a new but really amazing technology. Aabhas’s app offers a very fun way to interact with your Business Card, users really like the fact that they can click on the buttons to directly access their Youtube,Tweeter or Facebook.

    For more information about our Augmented Reality Business Card app please Contact us.



Responsive Business Card


Rs.5000/- only


Responsive Customised Business Card


Starts from Rs.15000/-only


Business AR

With Business AR generate holographic displays and applications as easily as they can create promotional tools for mobile devices today.The new ways of reaching and interacting with customers.

Media and Other AR

Tracking real world objects and adding content to objects is now possible thanks to different approaches.

Learning AR

Imagine living in the magical world of Harry Potter, where the school hallways are lined with paintings that are alive and interactive. Augmented Reality (AR) allows educators and students to do just that.

Virtual Reality

VR applications users are immersed in a virtual 3D environment, which is digitally reconstructed by the computer.


Aabhas Products

A2Z Cards

Abhas A to Z is a new high tech tool to teach your little one the alphabets. See and show the real thing to your child without searching for it and be part of a unique experience. It's an ideal gift for any child stepping into the world of letters.



₹1500.00 INR

Dino Card

Would you be excited if we told you that you can have a moving, roaring real dinosaur on your palm or table! Would you be excited if we told you that you can have a moving, roaring real dinosaur on your palm or table.



₹100.00 INR

Responsive Business Cards

Your Business Card can now be turned into a live presentation tool whereby customers can digitally interact with it using a mobile device. Open up a new world to your customers and ensure they hold on to your Business Card.



₹5000.00 INR

ART Gallery

Aabhas AR Poster App is our Augmented Reality App for the painters, gallery owners connoisseurs, and students of art and for the layman who is interested but does not understand the intricacies of stroke, form, design, layering and the thematic approach to a piece of art or painting.



₹10000.00 INR

VR360 Basic

Explore virtual reality with our pop-up Smartphone Virtual Reality Viewer. VR Glasses allow you to experience the immersive, fun and exciting world of VR with a click.



₹1200.00 INR